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    Wednesday, 29 May 2013

    Which social media platform?

    Most of the people who are using Social Media as an advertisement or marketing platforms to their business, are very confused by choosing the correct social media platform. They are always in doubt while approaching any social media platform. There, confusion is also right because we have so many areas where we can invest our money with respect to social media marketing. But the problem is how to choose the correct and perfect area with a better understanding of what consumers want from social media. Where should you focus your limited time and money? After all, whichever platform we chose we have to pay a high amount of money. Than we have to think about our return on investment.
    In the web we have so many social media platforms which are used by all people, but mainly if we see than we have three main social media platforms which are giving high rate of interest of people.
    1.     Facebook:
    If we talked about Facebook than it has the biggest audience and it give more ability for brands to create and show interesting content. The key challenge on Facebook is creating bite-sized bits of compelling content, given that 90% of people consume brand content as part of their ‘news feed’, not on the brand’s Facebook page as you might expect. You have to stand out amongst the news from a person’s c.200 friends to be seen.

    2.     Twitter:
    Has a much smaller role to play, given its even more limited reach. It has fewer members. Twitter is a new-age helpline, most relevant for complex service brands, and following celebrity CEOs. For example, some of the CEO of the company has more followers with compare to their company.

    3.     YouTube:
    While every marketing people thinks of a YouTube sensation that ‘goes viral’,
    Then I suggest that viral success should be seen as a bonus to your conventional media plan, not the main objective. First of all three main features go viral on the YouTube comedy, sex and humor and these are not fit with your brand. And more importantly, YouTube success is a lottery. We can count the success story in the YouTube, but also we have so many failures that we can’t count.

    So I will suggest that focus your effort on the platform that has the biggest reach with your “Target consumers”.

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