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    Wednesday, 3 April 2013

    Our Country & Social Media…

    Social Media
    We all know that the social media marketing is one of the biggest emerging markets in the world. It’s a new way to market yourself and also your business. A country like India where it is still not a very famous way of marketing according to some foreign analysis, but if we talk about India we are very familiar with social marketing. I am not telling this because I am from India but because from so many years we are using this way of marketing. If you see the Indian economy its 60% population living in villages and it’s a very large market to do business but the problem is how to educate people about your product or business. Indians are using a very perfect way to educate, to market, and that is we all called as “Word of Mouth”. India is country where people are well familiar with their neighbor’s and share everything with them. In every evening they all come together in some particular decided place and talk & share about their activities, feelings, suggestion’s and many more things. This is the main root of social marketing in India. Now we can see that we all are using this as a social media to interact with each other again and it’s emerging like anything. The only change is before we are more social people but now we are social media people…

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    1. India is great country to research & Analysis on Social Media Marketing strategies and development.

      1. Ya sir, you are right because Indian market is growing very fast with respect to Social Media Marketing..


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