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    Friday, 7 June 2013

    Facebook Vs Other advertisement media.!!!

    Today I will talk about in favor of Facebook. The reason is not any personal thing but if we see in a positive way than we can find it far better than some other advertisement Medias. Absolutely nobody is 100% positive they always have some negative point also, but today I will talk about the different advertisement media which most of the people use for their business. I have selected some points for the differentiation of Facebook with other advertising Medias.

    Recurring Cost:
                           If we talked about print media than to reach out to the same readers they reached earlier through print, they will need to pay for every new advertisement. But In case of Facebook, it doesn’t cost them any money for a new message. We don’t have recurring cost in Facebook.

    Engagement Level:
                          The quality and quantity of engagement on Facebook far superior to the potential engagement opportunity with compare to print media. According to a survey report most of the business can expect 0.5% to 1.5% of fans to engage with their message on Facebook. But in the case of print media, if they present an opportunity for readers to respond through an SMS or call, they can only expect 0.2% as the response rate.

                     In the case of Facebook, they have complete visibility of their audience’s
    Profiles, their like-dislike, what they are talking about but in case of any other media they can’t get this much of visibility of their potential customers.

                 The most important things of today’s advertisement trends are “words of Mouth” in which people can bring most of new people to bye. The opportunity of their existing Facebook fans bringing new fans or influencing other people’s decisions toward their brand almost doesn’t exist in the case of print media but is exponential on Facebook.

    So if your company page is not in Facebook than you are losing all these positive effects on your business. :)
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