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    Thursday, 8 May 2014

    Role of Mobile Marketing in Digital Marketing.
    Recently, the biggest news appeared in social media world is, the Facebook purchased WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application in $19Billion. So what do you think the reason behind it?
    Recently, Mark Zuckerberg addressed in Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress that the Facebook and WhatsApp will focus on adding more users, so that we can go on and connect a billion more people with us.  As per Mark Zuckerberg 950 million people are using Facebook through mobiles and the numbers are increasing day by day.  This shows the popularity in using mobile devices for social media and e-commerce. That’s why Facebook purchased WhatsApp, one of the biggest mobile messaging applications in the world. Facebook knows that the future is in the mobiles that will change the digital world.
    Now the basic question comes that why Mobile Marketing is important, what is the role of mobiles in the digital market? We also have other devices which are also efficient with respect to marketing, but why mobile marketing?  So the answer is, increasing return from mobile marketing.
    Mobile is the only device, which is 24*7 close to any person. People are using mobile phone almost in everything which they were using in PCs or laptop earlier. Almost every small, medium and large businesses are investing in mobile marketing. The main reason according to me is the improving numbers of mobile phone devices, especially in the smartphone segment. 
    According to various studies, an average people use approximately 2 hour mobile phone every day for various purposes apart of calling and messaging. People are using mobile phones for transection, purchasing and networking with each other. This will help in the future to market product and services by using various mobile apps.  Right now, according to me, mobile marketing may be a good deal for marketers and companies to provide better services to users.
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