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    Thursday, 15 August 2013

    Get Traffic by Social Bookmarking..

    Nowadays I am learning about SEO and other digital marketing tools as an intern in an online digital marketing company.  Basically, SEO used for so many reasons, and it’s very positive with respect to online marketing. Today I will introduce about Social Bookmarking which is very very essential tool of SEO.
    First of all what is Social Bookmarking?
                 Social bookmarking is a method for web users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of some specific tags or keywords on sites. This will helps you in accessing bookmarks from any computer with online access. These bookmarks can either be public or private. If public, your favorite bookmarks visible for others to view and follow as well, hence the social networking aspect.
              Social bookmarking has become a great tool in building web presence and promoting a business on the Internet.
    When you take a page from your site and bookmark it on various sites. It's important so Google and other search engines will index you web page quickly. Than whenever somebody enters those keywords, your page will appear faster and you will get more traffic on your page. Social bookmarking helps Google to decide the relevance of your site, and if it sees people bookmarking your site it feels it must be important.
    The web pages we bookmarked at social bookmarking sites are considered as a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines. And we all know that the quality backlinks help us to increase blog traffic and Google Page Rank. That's why SEO professionals include Social Bookmarking in their search engine optimization practices. For this post only this much in the next post I will show how you can learn social bookmarking very easily..

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