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    Friday, 12 July 2013

    What is Social Media?

    Nowadays everybody is talking about social media. I don't think there is any medium or big size company who are not using social media as a marketing tool for the company. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are always brought up when discussing about social media. To get a crystal clear thought of what social media is, this term has to be split into two parts: social and media. Being social means requires interaction and networking and media is considered as a communication tool. Through social media we can build a relationship between our users, that will surely increase our relation with our current users and also with our potential customers. Its also helpful for the normal people to be in touch with the outer world. Because of this we all are connected to each other.
                                             Social Media has touched many aspects of life. It also changed the way we do business, especially in the marketing industry. It helped people to increase their connection with the whole world. In comparison with old media such as print and broadcast, new media allows marketers to promote products and spread messages to their customers in a very short period of time. This is the era when we have more dependency with compare to any other media. And in coming days it will increase more and more..

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